Areas of Development

Communication and General Knowledge   Communication and General Knowledge

Child is able to communicate needs and wants in socially appropriate ways, can tell stories and has general knowledge about the outside world that is age appropriate.

  • ability to communicate needs and wants in socially appropriate ways
  • ability to tell stories
  • can say words clearly
  • age-appropriate knowledge about life and the world
  • ability to take part in imaginative play

Emotional Maturity Icon   Emotional Maturity

Child is able to express emotions at an age-appropriate level and empathize with others.

  • able to deal with feelings at an age-appropriate level
  • able to separate from parent/guardian
  • not too fearful, not too impulsive
  • able to focus

Physical Health and Wellbeing Icon   Physical Health and Well-being

Child is well-rested, well-nourished and can sustain energy levels during kindergarten activities; is physically independent (can look after own basic needs), has gross motor skills (e.g., able to catch and throw a ball) and fine motor skills (e.g., able to handle crayons and pencils).

  • fine and gross motor skills (e.g. can hold a pen, crayons
    or brush, able to climb stairs)
  • independence in looking after own needs (e.g. able to go
    to the washroom independently most of the time)
  • physically prepared for school (e.g. dressed appropriately,
    well nourished and rested)
  • able to sustain energy levels throughout the school day

Social Competence Icon   Social Competence

Child plays and gets along with others, is curious and likes to explore, respects adult authority and is able to control own behavior.

  • plays and gets along with other children
  • able to follow rules and instructions
  • able to follow routines
  • accepts responsibility for actions
  • shows respect for others

Language and Thinking Skills Icon   Language and Thinking Skills

Child is interested in reading and writing, and can count and recognize some shapes and colours.

  • an interest in reading, writing and language-related activities
  • age-appropriate reading, writing and counting skills
  • recognition of shapes, sizes and colours
  • can easily remember things